Serge Raemaekers

SpecialityExecutive Director at Abalobi

I’m a social entrepreneur with an ardent commitment to sustainable development and the elevation of marginalised communities. With over two decades of experience working with small-scale fishers, combined with a background in Fisheries Science, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the local and global challenges facing these communities and the need for innovative solutions that enable their ocean stewardship potential in this rapidly changing world. In 2015, I co-founded ABALOBI in South Africa – – an initiative that seeks to elevate Small-Scale Fisheries and poise them for social, economic and ecological sustainability. The name ABALOBI means ‘fisher’ in the isiXhosa language, reflecting the fisher-led nature of our organisation.

At ABALOBI, we take an inclusive approach that places small-scale, artisanal and traditional fishers and fishworkers front and centre. Our co-development of technologies and capacity-building programmes strives to cultivate responsible Community-Supported Fisheries and market models, inclusive Fisheries Improvement Programmes (FIPs), community-led conservation initiatives, Climate Change adaptation strategies, and sound data ownership and stewardship for improved Fisheries Information Systems and management. We’ve developed a groundbreaking digital platform connecting fishers directly with consumers, creating a more transparent and equitable value chain. Following successful deployment in South Africa, our technologies are now being replicated in other parts of the world.

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