Ocean Hackathon® Cape Town
48 hours to decode the oceans

2021 African Chapter supported by:

For the first time since the creation of the Ocean Hackathon® in 2015, an African city is on the world map of the 15 cities competing simultaneously to solve challenges faced by the oceans, using essentially data. Ocean Hackathon® Cape Town will take place as part of this year’s Ocean Innovation Africa event.

The African chapter of the Ocean Hackathon® will take place over 48 hours straight from the 5th to the 7th of November 2021, with data scientists, project managers, web developers, marine scientists and communication specialists forming 9 teams of up to 6 hackers. Supported by topic experts and data coaches, the teams will each address one of 3 selected ocean-impact data challenges:


Cape Town Challenges

Using computer vision and image recognition to define metrics in coral reef images – coral group, ID, colony boundaries, and percentage of bleaching.

Using image data sets and labels to create a computer vision script that will identify in which locations pictures were taken in order to link to nearby charities, further refining selection criteria based on photo content.

Using the available demographics and plastic data in Nigeria to optimise locations of waste management centres to areas likely to result in highest productivity.