We believe that innovations led by science, technology, and entrepreneurship will provide the necessary leverage points to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),  at the right pace and scale. By addressing the issues of sustainable Oceans economy and Oceans conservation, our event seeks to find solutions linking up to almost all SDGs in addition to SDG14 – Life Below Water.

Our focus stems from a passion and the need for efficient, impactful action: at the current pace, SDGs objectives would only be met by 2094 instead of 2030!  Oceans are the heart and lungs of our planet, it is crucial – and now urgent – to support the development and adoption of new sustainable ocean solutions that will shape better interactions between people and the Earth’s largest ecosystem. In the recovery of the recent COVID-19-related crisis, Oceans have also a key role to play by keeping trade moving between nations and providing sustainable energy and healthy food for all.


Bring together the thought leaders and stakeholders of the ocean economy, demonstrate the economic viability of a decidedly more sustainable blue economy in Africa and inspire ocean-conscious entrepreneurs


Accelerate the developement and adoption of ocean innovations to deliver system level impact at a magnitude and pace matching current ocean crisis


Innovations have the potential to substantially contribute to restore the ocean’s global functions and its biodiversity by addressing ocean pollution, ocean overexploitation and climate change

Meet the team


Alexis Grosskopf

Blue Economy & Innovation Specialist

Selena Fourie

Marketing & Communications

Rex Bowden

Trade & Event Specialist

Herland Cerveaux


Alexandra Pattison



"2024 was my first time joining OIA - I was impressed at the power of the assembly of entrepreneurs, investors, conservationists, and thought leaders from the blue economy & tangentile sectors. The agenda balanced and action packed agenda that addressed high level trends while digging deep into specific challenges and solutions. I plan to prioritize joining future events - its worth the flight!"
James Lindsay, Investment Director at Builders Vision
" ...participating in OIA was like diving into a sea of inspiration. The air buzzed with the passion of marine enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, all united by their love for the ocean. The event organization was seamlessly bringing together experts and innovators to spark real, impactful change. It reignited my determination to continue advocating for the preservation of our precious oceans..."
Arthur Tuda, Executive Director of the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)
"Ocean Innovation Africa‘s distinctive interactive format provided an excellent opportunity to explore local opportunities and link them with global best practice.“
Torsten Thiele, Founder of Global Ocean Trust
“It was a pleasure to attend Ocean Innovation Africa’s conference and learn more about the ocean ecosystem. It was inspiring to see the energy, passion and innovative spirit of the presenters and entrepreneurs sharing the details of their work. I look forward to more opportunities to collaborate.”
Kendra MacDonald, CEO of Canada's Ocean Supercluster
"Attending Ocean Innovation Africa was a fantastic experience! The event's diverse content provided a comprehensive overview of the ocean innovation industry, its tremendous opportunities but also the challenges that it is facing. The organizers also created a welcoming atmosphere with fun social activities building meaningful connections and wonderful memories. Many thanks for such a fantastic event—I look forward to attending again next year!"
Salma Baghdadi, Innovation Lead at WAVE
“OIA is the THE place in Africa to meet like-minded ocean innovators, showcase our work in ocean impact, and forge new partnerships for success. It has just the right balance of plenary input, collaborative workshops, and meaningful networking opportunities.”
Bernhard Rohemper, Ocean Impact Lead at GIZ Namibia

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