We believe that innovations led by science, technology, and entrepreneurship will provide the necessary leverage points to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),  at the right pace and scale. By addressing the issues of sustainable Oceans economy and Oceans conservation, our event seeks to find solutions linking up to almost all SDGs in addition to SDG14 – Life Below Water.

Our focus stems from a passion and the need for efficient, impactful action: at the current pace, SDGs objectives would only be met by 2094 instead of 2030!  Oceans are the heart and lungs of our planet, it is crucial – and now urgent – to support the development and adoption of new sustainable ocean solutions that will shape better interactions between people and the Earth’s largest ecosystem. In the recovery of the recent COVID-19-related crisis, Oceans have also a key role to play by keeping trade moving between nations and providing sustainable energy and healthy food for all.


Bring together the thought leaders and stakeholders of the ocean economy, demonstrate the economic viability of a decidedly more sustainable blue economy in Africa and inspire ocean-conscious entrepreneurs


Accelerate the developement and adoption of ocean innovations to deliver system level impact at a magnitude and pace matching current ocean crisis


Innovations have the potential to substantially contribute to restore the ocean’s global functions and its biodiversity by addressing ocean pollution, ocean overexploitation and climate change

Meet the Team


“I thank you all on behalf of the African Union-IBAR. Very interesting discussions.” ​
Dr Mohamed Seisay, AU-IBAR
“I really enjoyed the diversity of points of view in the panel.” ​
Flavio Corsin, Aquaspark
"What a cool event. Well done"
Tim Harris, Wesgro
"Well done! I think it was a brilliant start and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon. You guys did a great job!"
Mark van Vijk, Filmmaker
“Thank you once again for hosting us and for hosting your incredible event at The V&A. it gives us great pride to be a platform for such inspiring thought leadership. Both Ann and I agree that we were totally blown away by the convening power and level of conversation being had in those sessions.”
Henry Mathys, V&A Waterfront
"Many thanks for allowing me to attend the amazing OceanHub event! It was highly professional and the environment you created made it easy for people to open up and share."
Kiendel Burritt, Digital Africa Investments

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