48 hours to decode the oceans

The Global Ocean Hackathon® is a 48-hour non-stop event which gathers young data science, IT development, business administration and marine science talents to develop innovative ocean-impact solutions.
Date: November 17th – 19th 2023
Venue: V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Since 2016, the annual Ocean Hackathon®️ gathers cities across the Globe to form multidisciplinary local teams of young talents to develop innovative solutions in response to local ocean-focused challenges, leveraging ocean and coastal data.  Cape Town was the first African city to enter this Global Competition in 2021, and Ocean Hackathon®️ Cape Town returns in 2023 to tackle 4 new local challenges:

  • Citizen engagement & eco-action for marine ecosystems – with GreenWay Africa (Pty) Ltd.
  • Predict the sardine run with image magic – with SAAMBR – The South African Association for Marine Biological Research.
  • Dive into Kelp Farm Tycoon: Explore “Re-wilding the Oceans” – with Kelp Blue.
  • Code Eyes for our Aerial Ocean Guardians – with Seafar.

2023 Cape Town Challenges

Smart Pollution Reporting App: Create an easy-to-use smartphone/desktop app that allows locals to report pollution events near coasts.

Sardine Movement Prediction Algorithm: Create a digital tool that uses data entries (environmental parameters), image processing, and algorithms to predict the the movement of shoals of fish and associated predators.

Prototype of the kelp forest tycoon simulation game: develop a simulation game that focuses on rewilding the oceans by promoting the growth and sustainability of kelp forests.

Machine Learning model: detect, segment, and track boats in drone footage to help us combat illegal fishing and safeguard our marine ecosystems

2023 African Chapter supported by:

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