Nick Loubser

SpecialityDirector of Operations at Viking Aquaculture

Nick Loubser started in the abalone industry as a student doing research on spawning and settlement on abalone. He worked for Irvin & Johnson (I&J) for 20 years, mainly in abalone but also in Yellowtail Kingfish and Cob fish farming pilot projects. While at I&J he was introduced to Max Troell then at the University of Stockholmn where research using seaweed as a biofilter for abalone farms started. He then carried out three years of research in conjunction with Prof. Jihn Bolton at the University of Cape Town. Nick joined Viking Aquaculture in 2010 and co-ordinated the construction of two fully IMTA abalone facilities using Ulva spp as a biofilter and feed source. Viking Aquaculture started in 2010 and since then has expanded into abalone, oyster, mussel and sea-run trout farming.

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